Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet our class mascot

Here is our new class mascot.
It is a kea, which is a New Zealand parrot.
Keas live in South Island alpine regions.
We chose a kea because they are inquisitive and like to investigate and learn about the world.
We thought that sounded a lot like us!

You can find out more about keas by clicking here.
You can hear the call of our kea:
We brainstormed some names for our kea, but need some help to make our choice!
Please vote for the name that you think would be a good fit.

Do you have a class mascot?
What is it?
How did you choose your class mascot?


  1. Dear B4,
    I love your new mascot! What a great addition to your classroom. I had never heard of keas before. They certainly are beautiful.

    We don't have a class mascot, but I think the 2/3's would probably love having one. I wonder what animal we would pick. We will have to give it some thought.

    I can't wait to see what name you will choose!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W

  2. Dear Mrs McKenzie and class,

    I am SO excited to hear that you now have a class mascot too!

    As you know, I am 2KM and 2KJ's class mascot. My name is Leo. Leo is short for Leopold which is the name of the town we live in.

    I am a Lion and I came all the way from South Africa! I am 7 years old and my birthday is on 7th April.

    Look out for a special post by me on the 2KM and 2KJ blog on Friday.

    Best wishes,

    PS - I voted for the name Freddie. I think it is a friendly name for a friendly mascot!

  3. Dear B4,

    I voted for Freddie because it is a nice name.
    We have 2 class mascots!Juan Pablo and Perezoso.

    in Mr. Salsich's class

  4. Dear B4,

    In our class ( Mr. Salsich's) we have two team mascots. One of them is Juan Pablo and the other one is Perezoso. 2KM and 2KJ also has a team mascot in fact he wrote a comment he is Leo. Now you guys have a team mascot. Now all of our Quad Blogging buddies have team mascots. Did I say that Mrs. Yollis has a panda? Is your team mascot happy to meet the other Quad blogging buddy mascots? To vote on a name for your team mascot I voted Freddie. Keep up the great work. Happy Blogging :)

    Taylor* in Mr. Salsich's class

  5. Dear B4,

    We do have a class mascot in fact we have two they are:
    Perezoso a sloth and a frog named Juan Pablo.
    I think your names are all very good but like Leo I voted for the name Freddie. I think that it is a cute name.
    I also think your mascot is very cute.
    Could you give some more information about the Kea? I would like to know more.

    Your blogging buddy,
    *Alexandra in Mr. Salsichs class

  6. Dear B4,

    We do have mascots Juan Pablo and Perezoso. Perezoso is a sloth and Jaun Pablo is a tree frog. I have a mascot at my house he is a parrot like yours and he repeats what you say. I got it at the Kennedy space center in Florida

    Sean in Mr. Salsich's class

  7. Dear B4,

    my class has two mascots. Our mascots names are Juan Pabloand Perezoso. Juan Pablo is a tree frog and Perezoso is a sloth.

    Hope in Mr. Salsich's class

  8. Dear Blogging Buddies,

    We have two class mascots. One is named Perezoso and the other is named Juan Pablo. Perezoso is a sloth and Juan Pablo is a tree frog.
    Check out our posts about Juan Pablo and making connections and Perezoso arranging chairs for his speech. We're so excited that you have a new class mascot!

    We both voted for Charlie. We think he looks like a Charlie.

    Happy Blogging! ;)

    Yours truly,
    Amanda and Maggie from Mr. Salsichs class

  9. Dear B4,

    I hope that Kea of yours behaves well, our class mascot is a frog his name is Juan Pablo. I am not sure why he is our mascot, I think he has been our mascot for a long time. We also have a sloth named Perezoso.

    Sam L. in Mr. Salsich's class

  10. Dear B4,

    We have two class mascots. There names are Perezoso and Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo is a Red eye tree frog, and Perezoso is a Sloth. You are gonna get a lot of comments this week because its your week for the Quad Blogging.

    Sam K.:) in Mr. Salsich's class

  11. Dear B4,

    What a great mascot. My class's mascots are Perezoso and Juan Poblo.I think the noise that the mascot makes is cool. Why did you choose that animal? If I could pick a mascot, I would pick a panda because that is my favorite animal in the world.

    Cassidy in Mr. Salsich's Class

  12. Dear B4,

    I'm Tommy in Mr. Salsich's class. I like this post because it reminds me of our class, 2KM and 2KJ, and my room. The reason it reminds me of them is because in my class we have 2 mascots Perezoso and Juan Pablo, because 2KM and 2KJ have their mascot Leo, and it reminds me of my room because I have a mascot that I sleep with, his name is Froggy he is my frog stuffed animal that I got on my birthday at Build A Bear Workshop.
    I voted for the mascot name Quicksilver.

    Your Friend,
    Tommy in Mr. Salsich's class

  13. Dear B4,

    I am Jaden from Mrs. Yollis' class. It is a great idea to have a poll to pick the name of your mascot. I might do that myself! When does the poll end? Our class has a mascot named Panda, and he is a panda! Mrs. Yollis chose our mascot. He is 24 or 25 years old.


  14. Dear B4,

    My name is Kristen from Mrs. Yollis' class. Your mascot is so cute! We have a mascot too. It is a panda. His name is Panda. I like Panda because he has good advice, and he is very nice. One thing I learned from Panda is the saying, "Experience is the best teacher!" Do you know what that means?

    Have you met Panda before?

    Kristen (in Mrs. Yollis' class)

  15. Dear Unnamed Mascot,

    We are from Mrs. Yollis' class, and we have a class mascot. He is a panda name Panda. Everyone in the class says that he is adorable and nice. He is very famous to us! He has been featured on many things such as: "the blog", "Skype", and even "Twitter!" We think that he looks very young, but he is 24!

    We think that the vote for your name will be great!

    Iman and Mish★

  16. Dear B4,

    Our mascout is a Panda.

    His favorite kind of food is bamboo. His favorite chocolate is chocolate bamboo. His hobbies are blogging and sleeping. One thing I like about Panda is he is always polite.

    His favorite sport is pole vaulting. In fact, he is training for the Summer Olympics!


    Mrs. Yollis' class

  17. Dear B4,

    I voted for his name to be Quicksilver. I have my own mascot at my blog:

    Please check out my mascot, Mr.NY. He is famous because he goes to Hollywood. I think your mascot is cute and adorable. I love the sound, or call, he makes. It sounds like he just had a delicious snack, and he is begging for another one of those scrumptious snacks. I think whatever the name is, he will always be a fabulous mascot.

    What does the bird like to eat?


  18. Dear B4,

    I am from Mrs. Yollis' class.
    Wow, that mascot looks real!

    We have a mascot in our class. Here are some facts about him:

    He eats bamboo, he likes to pole vault, and
    he is to suppose live 25 to 30 years.

    I think that Panda is really cute.



    P.S Panda is training for the Pandalimpix for pole vaulting!

  19. Dear Un-named Mascot,

    our mascot is panda. he is a panda that is why we call him panda. he likes to eat bam boo dipped in chocolate! Panda also is trianing for the summer Olympics by pole volting

    I think he should be named Quicksilver.


  20. Lindsay and Nic*lasMarch 2, 2011 at 8:16 AM

    Dear B4,

    We have a mascot in Mrs. Yollis' class, and his name is Panda. He likes to eat 85 pounds of bamboo each day. He has been in our class for 24 years.

    How old is your mascot? What is your mascots hobbies? Panda's hobbies are leaving quality comments on other people's fantastic blogs.


    Lindsay,and Nic*las

  21. Dear friends,

    Our mascots are a panda and a frog. Pandas are from China.

    Alie in Mrs. Yollis' class

  22. Dear B4
    I have a mascot, and he is Panda. He eats bamboo. If you name your mascot Quicksilver, he can be as fast as a cheetah. Can your mascot fly?

    Andrew and Grayson(Mrs.Yollis)

  23. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,

    This is Hannah and Adia from Mrs. Yollis' third grade class. What a cute new class mascot! We voted for Keri. The Kea looks like a Keri to us. The Kea's call was SO endearing.

    Our class does have a class mascot. Actually, two. The adorable... Panda! Panda is on Twitter. He enjoys nibbling on delicious bamboo. Panda is also training to be a pole vaulter. He would love to be in the 2012 Olympics. He thinks he'll win gold!

    Next, our other class mascot is the magnificent... Hoppy! Hoppy's new to our class and we LOVE him! His hobbies are eating scrumptious flies with his sticky tongue. (He is trying to set a frog record for eating over 1,000,000,000 flies in one week.) Hoppy's other hobby is jumping on lily pads.

    All in all, we have some awesome class mascots. We are very grateful to have them in Mrs. Yollis' third grade class.

    Both of us hope that you chose Keri for the mascot's name!

    By the way, both of us have earned our own blog, and if you want check it out on http://hannahshacienda.blogspot.com and http://adiasbabbleblog.blogspot.com.

    Happy blogging! :)

    Your pals,
    Hannah and Adia
    Mrs. Yollis' students

  24. Dear B4,

    We love your mascot! We voted for the name cutie for your cute mascot. Ileanna and I listened to your class mascot. We loved the sound of your mascot. It is very interesting because it sounds like a hummingbird.

    Our class mascot is Panda we call him
    Panda, because he is a panda . Panda still is our mascot. He has been in the class for 24 years. We adopted panda from China.

    Ileanna and Alexa(Yollis)

  25. Dear Nicole and grace Are class mascotis a kea. It s favorite food is insects and berries. from mattie in b4.

  26. Dear Jarrod
    The big kids teach the little kids sports thats why I like having big kids here.
    We have about 220 people in our school.

    from Jack

  27. Dear Andrew and Ryley
    We have 881 comments.

    from Paddy in B4

  28. Dear Hannah, Adia, Andrew, Grayson, Ileanna. Alexa and Alie
    I voted for Pachupichu. I like the mascot too. It is cute. But they are mischiefy. They pick on rubber on the cars. They eat berries and insects. And keas are new Zealand birds only.

    from Dylan

  29. Dear Taylor, Autumn and Sean
    It is autumn in New Zealand.
    I voted for Keri. Did anybody else vote for Keri in your class?
    from Hamish

  30. Dear Alexandra and Derek
    I voted for Pachupichu. Our class mascot is a kea and keas eat bugs, berries and insects. Keas are a New Zealand bird. Keas like to explore stuff.

    from Adam

  31. Dear Miriam and Adia
    Thank you for your lovely comments. A kea is a New Zealand bird. That's why we chose a kea, because keas are nosey.
    What are you going to choose for its name?
    from Tyla in B4

  32. Dear Bradley and Alana
    Mrs McKenzie drew a Flat Stanley for me because I was away. I wish I could do it too.
    from Lily in B4

  33. Dear Ryan and Iman and Mish
    Keas like to eat berries and insects and like to peck stuff. I voted for Freddie. The kea is our mascot.
    Thank you.
    from Liam

  34. Dear Kristen and Jaden
    I named the kea Keri. I want to meet Panda. A kea eats berries and insects.
    from Ganda in B4

  35. Dear Sam L, Cassidy and Tommy
    Thank you for writing comments. Our mascot is a kea. It eats berries and insects. I am voting for Charlie.
    from Paige in B4

  36. Dear Mrs Watson and 2/3
    We go swimming at Reefton Area pool.
    from Jonathon

  37. Dear Sam K, Amanda and Maggie
    We have a mascot. It is a kea. Keas eat berries and bugs. I would like to see Juan Pablo. I voted for Quicksilver. We made Flat Stanleys.

    from Sam. I'm in B4.

  38. Dear Mr Salsich
    Thank you. I like Pachupichu. Keas eat insects and berries.

    from Matthew in B4

  39. Dear Amelie
    What great questions you asked.
    I can see how many comments we have because I administer this blog.
    We could have aimed high for 1000 comments, but I thought that would be a lot to answer, so we went for 900. We are nearly there!

    thanks for helping us get there
    from mrs McKenzie

  40. Dear B4,

    Congratulations on your comment total getting so high! It just goes to show that you have a great place to showplace student work and build a community with others from around the world!

    The kea is going to make a great mascot. All these class blogs I visit have wonderful mascots. I might just have to adopt one myself!

    I look forward to coming back and helping you get to 1,000 comments!

    Mr. Avery
    Plympton, Massachusetts

  41. Dear Mr Avery
    I hope you do adopt a mascot. Be sure to tell us about it!
    We hope it won't take long to get to 1000 comments, although we had an exhausting day today replying to them all!

    Do you have a link to your class blog?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  42. Dear B4,

    Everyone was buzzing over your new mascot!
    That bird is terrific!
    You mentioned that the bird is inquisitive and likes to investigate and learn about the world. I wonder if I'm part kea because that description sounds a lot like me!

    Your bird would look cute on Panda's shoulder! Sort of pirate like!

    What number comment am I?

    Hoping for 900!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  43. Dear friend,

    Welcome to blogging! If you need any help learning how to comment, let me know.

    Your friend,


  44. Dear Madison and Hope
    Keas eat insects and berries. Kea is the New Zealand bird. I like keas because it is a New Zealand bird. We like keas because they are fun. I like Keri.

    from Joberth

  45. Dear Nicole and Grace
    Our class mascot is a kea. Its favourite food is insects and berries.

    from Mattie

  46. Dear Lindsay and Nicolas and Amitai
    Our mascot is a kea and they eat bugs and berries. I like the Freddie because it sounds cute.

    from Nathan

  47. Dear B4 and B3,

    The new posts are great!

    Whats your favorite post from the year so far?

    I like all of them.

    Lee in 2KM

  48. @ B4 and B3,

    Hi our names are Will and Riley and we are in 2KJ.

    We think the new class mascot is great.
    We love looking at your blog.

    We both like going motor bike riding.

    We like playing soccer at school.

    We like the Flat Stanley project, is a great idea.

    Best Wishes,
    Will and Riley

  49. To Mrs McKenzie,

    Hi my name is Liam and I am from 2KM.

    I really like your blog.

    Good luck at reaching goal of 900 comments.

    Have you got our flat people yet?


  50. Dear Mrs McKenzie and class,

    We think your new mascot is cool! Do you like your new mascot?

    We would like to vote for Quicksilver as a name for your mascot.

    Bodhi and Hamish

  51. How exciting! Congratulations on reaching 900 ;-) I voted for Freddie because he is my favorite singer.

    Mr. Miller

  52. @ Mrs McKenzie & B4,

    I think your mascot is very cute. I have voted for Quicksliver because I think it will be a nice name for your class mascot.

    Our class mascot is Leo, he's very cute but I wouldn't let him play with yours encase he ate him!

    Jarrod (2KM)

    P.S I tried to use the HTML code last time I left a comment on your blog but it didn't work. Do you know why? So next time I can leave you a big smile.

  53. @ Jack,

    That's great that the big kids teach you how to play sports.

    What sports do they teach you? My favorite sport to play at school is soccer.

    Jarrod (2KM)

  54. Hi Jarrod
    Thanks for your great comments, you must be the commenting star in 2KM/2KJ just now!
    I think that smilie html codes don't work on Blogger, because I tried last year to use them but was unsuccessful.
    But the other codes work ♥ ☆ ♦

    your blogging friend
    Mrs M♔Kenzie

  55. Dear Chloe
    My name is Ganda. I am 6 years old. My birthday is on October
    the 17 th. Where is your birthday?
    I like playing tag and going on the playground and playing with my best friend and hide and seek.

    from Ganda

  56. Dear Riley and Will
    Our class mascot is a kea. It's favourite food is insects and berries.
    My favourite sport is soccer and cricket.
    I can't wait to see your Flat Stanleys.

    from Mattie

  57. Dear Jarrod
    I like to play soccer too. it is such a fun game and it is such a good exercise too.
    It's the same when you loose, but I don't loose that much. It is a really fun game.

    from Jack

  58. Dear B4,
    I like your new mascot.I liked voting. I can't find out the name. Our mascot is named Panda. He has been Mrs. Yollis' class mascot for about 20 years. So he has become a permanant mascot.
    Yours truly,

  59. Nadine Hunter (Mattie's Mum)March 3, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    Dear B4,

    What a happy looking class you all are! I think it is a wonderful idea to have a class mascot, I voted for Charlie Kea.

  60. Dear B4,
    We are so excited to hear you have a class mascot! That's fantastic!
    Our class just welcomed "Cocoa" the Irish Setter into our room. He's so cute! We all voted on the type of animal we wanted and the name. Everyone agreed that the colour of our class pet suited the name Cocoa.
    He went on his first home visit last weekend and had such a great time. We love having him here with us.
    You can check out Cocoa here: http://year2plc.posterous.com

    Can't wait to hear about the name you choose. We chose Charlie for your kea.

    From all the girls in 2C in Sydney, Australia

  61. We were very happy to finally meet your class and Quicksilver during our Skype chat last month. We know Rocket has arrived safely in Australia and KiKi (a Koala from Australia) finally made it to our home last week! We are having fun showing him around. We hope you are all well.

    Mrs. G., Maggie, James, and Delia

  62. Hello Quicksilver
    Thank you so much for peeking at our kea pictures. We are REALLY thrilled that you like the detail we put into the claws and feathers. We loved the book called 'Legend of a Kea' that had very beautiful pictures drawn by Chris Gaskin. Have you read it? Our mascot is a large green frog called Freddie. He says hello.
    Please come again. Those B4 children are very lucky to have you.
    Room 6 and Mrs S (and Freddie, of course!)