Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Visit to the Weather Station

Have you ever wondered where the official temperature reading for the weather report comes from each day?
It comes from a weather station.
The weather station for our town is right across the road from the school, so we went for a visit.

Zaria, Jia Xuan and Emily have written the rest of this post 
about the visit.

There are lots of measuring instruments at 
the weather station.

This one  tells you how hard the wind is blowing.

The solar panel charges the battery so the 
weather station runs.

This is the grass thermometer that tells you how hot or cold the ground is.

This one is the thermometer that tells how hot or cold 
the weather is. 
Today at 9.30am it was11˚C.

This is the rain gauge that tells you how much rain has been falling.

Do you like hot weather or cold weather?
Have you been to a weather station?
Do you want to work at a weather station?

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