Friday, May 24, 2013

What If ..... ?

What if this article was in your newspaper?
What would you think?
Could it be true?
How might it affect our world?

Newspaper article made here.

B4 children are thinking about questions like these!
They had some wonderings, such as 
'How long had the eggs been there?
Will the eggs hatch into meat-eaters or plant-eaters?
Will they eat us?

What questions would you ask if you read this article in your newspaper?


  1. Dear B4 students ,
    I think the eggs must have been there for around 5,000,000 years. How many eggs are there?
    From Jackson 2MD Leopold

    1. Dear Jackson
      5,000,000 years was long long ago.
      I also think the eggs have been there for
      around 5,000,000 year ago or more.
      There are 16 eggs.
      Have you seen dinosaur eggs before?

      Warmly Zaria♥

  2. Hello B4
    I wonder if they are dead, if they really are dinosaur eggs and how could they have got there. Will they hatch? Can they still be alive?
    From Hailee

    1. Dear Haillee The eggs are really dinosaures.We don't know how they got there and we don't know when they will hatch.

      from your best blogging buddy

  3. Hi B4
    I think the Dinosaur eggs are a tiny bit freaky.
    Because they might take over the World or if they are meet eaters they will eat use all. But I also think they are false.
    From Maya.

    1. Dear Maya. The dinosaurs are false but just imagine if it was in the newspaper. But they wont take over the world.
      Warmly Emily

  4. Dear Jackson
    They are probly 5,000,000 years ago. I think you are rite. My name is Nathan and I am 7 years old.How old are you? Are you 7 or 6?
    from Nathan b4 Reefton

  5. Hi B4
    I am scared of the dinosaur eggs.
    How did they get there? What do they eat?
    By Ashley 2DD

    1. Dear ashley if they are meat eaters they eat meat but if they are plant eaters they eat plants. We don't know how they got there either. bye for now emily

  6. Hi B4
    It must be very rare to find the Dinosaur eggs. They would be about 10 million years old. I think they would be pretty big eggs. Maybe they won’t hatch. Or maybe they will hatch. They could be a herbivore? Or a carnivore? Maybe who ever knows? It maybe could eat grass and meat? There are not many eggs in Australia. I reckon there is more dinosaur eggs and fossils in NZ. I found out on your NZ Blog.
    From Jordan Leopold

  7. Dear b4
    I like b4 cause you can do fitness and p.e. and you can do art and science and maths and reading you are the best
    teacher in the world.
    from Nathan
    your pal

  8. Dear B4,
    I have never found Dinosaur eggs where I live. Dinosaurs used to live in Sointula. When did you guys find the eggs? Where did you find them? (; (: (: (:

    From Jorja
    In Mrs Watson's class

  9. wow i wonder if there real crystal parkvaleschool