Monday, May 13, 2013

Our World, Our Numbers: Topic 7 Seasons and Temperature

We've reached the seventh and final topic 
It's been a lot of fun sharing our mathematical lives with the other classes.

This week we’re talking seasons and temperatures.

In our inland town on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand we get quite distinctive seasonal changes.

 Summers are usually hot and dry; spring is often wet; and winter brings frost, fog and sometimes (if the children are really lucky) some snow.

Right now in the southern hemisphere it is autumn. 
The weather is getting cooler and the colours of the trees are changing.
One of the oak trees at our school.

This year many areas of New Zealand suffered drought over the summer and for the first time ever drought was declared on the South Island’s west coast!
Here is some temperature and rainfall information for our town over the past few months:
Can you see which months we were in drought?

We searched out some information about 

Can you share some weather data about the place where you live?

All of the classes are keeping track of this week’s midday temperatures on this   Voicethread.

Are there seasonal changes where you live? 

Which season is your favourite? Why?

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