Thursday, March 10, 2011

Athletics Day

This year, instead of  separate senior and junior sports,
we had a whole school athletics day, with both competitive and fun events.
The day started with a house relay, 
with 3 children from each year group running for their house.

Then we moved to the rotations in year groups, 
taking part (with adaptations for the younger children)
in sprints, high jump, long jump, 
javelin/vortex, shot put/softball throw, discus/gumboot throw, 
with an obstacle course, sack races, three-legged races 
and water slide for fun.

Luckily the Flat Stanleys from 2KM and 2KJ in Australia arrived yesterday, 
so they were able to take part too!

What is your favourite athletics event?


  1. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    Your Athletic's Day looks like it was such alot of fun! You must have had to hold onto your Flat Stanley's very tightly when you were running so that they didn't blow away! I wonder Keep having fun with your Flat Stanley's!which activity you all enjoyed the most? There seemed to be alot of happy faces on the `slip'n slide'!

    From Ms Dowling (K/1D)
    PS - The boys and girls were very happy to hear that you got our postcard!

  2. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    It looks like the flat stanleys had a big day as well as b4
    From Room 1a

  3. @ Amber,

    The athletic day looks fun!

    My favourite event was triple jump.
    what is your favourite event?

    We do not have athletics day at school, but we have a fun run.

    best wishes,
    Alana :LoL: