Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our flat selves are home from Australia

We were excited on Friday when the parcel arrived with our flat selves, back from 
visiting 2KM and 2KJ in Australia.
It was fun reading our diaries and finding out 
what we had done.
The diaries will be a great keepsake, and the project has been an exciting part of our learning this term. 
Writing the diaries for our visitors from Australia gave a real purpose to our writing.

B4 children, please comment - what did you do in Australia?


  1. Hi B4,

    My name is Kayla I am in 2KJ.

    I bet you were very happy when you got your Flat Stanleys back.

    Best Wishes,
    Kayla ♥

  2. After school me and my friend Ganda play. It is fun.
    I see my dad and I play with my cats. It is fun said Jael. It is fun too said Grace and dad and mum.
    Ganda said hi I am your friend.
    It was my sister's birthday. She is 4. She likes the birthday said dad and she played.

    by Joberth

  3. Dear b4 I reckon that the clapping games are cool . from nathan and bye for now.

  4. This week I might go to Paige's. We will play hide and seek.
    After that we will watch t.v. then we will play with Paige's swing
    and Paige's toys.

    from Ganda and Paige