Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skyping with California and Vancouver Island

We had two Skype sessions this week.
Our friend Mrs Yollis dropped by on Thursday. 

Each B4 student introduced themselves to her and said how old they were 
and when their birthday is. 
Mrs Yollis was surprised that our class is quite a lot younger than her students.
Some students got to read to Mrs Yollis.

On Friday we Skyped with Mrs Soltau-Heller's Grade 1 class on Vancouver Island, Canada.
The children in her class are about the same age as our Year 2s.

We talked about the games we play and found out 
that lots of children in both classes like to play with Lego.

On Vancouver Island it is the end of winter and they had some snow.
In New Zealand summer is over and autumn has started.

Our school has about 230 students from Year 1-13 (about 18 yrs old).
Their school has 300 students from K - Grade 7 (about 12 yrs old).

Grade 1 taught us a First Nations word:
which means goodbye/hello/thank you.

We taught them a Maori greeting
Tena kotou
which means hello (to more than 2 people).

They asked about our school uniforms.
We can wear grey shirts or white blouses, black pants or shorts, or a pinafore for girls if they want, and we have a maroon polar fleece.
Grade 1 can wear whatever they want to school.

Thanks Mrs Soltau-Heller and Grade 1. It was nice talking to you.

Do you have a question you that you didn't get to ask?
What is good about wearing a school uniform?
What would be good about choosing your own clothes?


  1. @ Mrs McKEnzie @ B4,

    It looks like you had great fun Skyping last week.

    2KM & 2KJ Skype with Mrs Yollis and her class too which was fantastic to talk to them and learn about their country.

    At our school we have to wear a uniform which is good because I don't have to think about what clothes to wear. We sometimes get to wear our own clothes which is fun too. I think if we got to wear our own clothes all the time the girls would wear high heels and the boys would look punky.

    Jarrod (2KJ) ★

  2. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,

    Tena kotou!

    What a treat it was for me to pop into your classroom and meet everyone. I especially loved being read to. One of the things I noticed right away is that the student readers in B4 self-correct when they are reading. That means if they read something that didn't make sense...they noticed, fixed it, and continued reading. That is the mark of a good reader! They also read with terrific expression so that made it all the more pleasurable!

    Thanks for a great time and Gilakasla!

    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Dear Jarrod
    Uniforms do make it easy to decide what to wear in the morning don't they. High heels at school would be pretty crazy!

    B4 children can choose shorts, pants or track pants, and girls can choose a dress if they want, and a grey top or a white top.

    Do you get a choice of uniform items?

    Mrs M♔Kenzie

  4. @ Mrs McKenzie,

    Thanks for the quality comment to me.

    At school the boys get to choose between green shorts, tracksuit pants or pants and a green or yellow t-shirt. The girls can choose the same but they can also choose between a dress or skorts. We all wear a green jump or vest when it's cold and are allowed to wear runners or black shoes.

    Do the teachers at your school have to wear a uniform?

    Jarrod (2KM) ♦

  5. Hi Jarrod
    The teachers at our school don't wear a uniform - do the teachers at your school?

    We do have house colour T-shirts that we can wear on sports days if we wish.
    My house is Mawhera and its colour is red. The other house is Kawatiri and its colour is blue.

    Does your school have house teams for sports days?

    from Mrs M♔Kenzie

  6. @Mrs McKenzie & B4,

    Thanks for replying to me.

    Our teachers don't wear a uniform either but sometimes they wear a blue jumper or t-shirt with our school logo on it.

    We have 4 house colours for sports, Lawson which is blue and my colour, red, yellow and green but I can't remember their names.