Saturday, March 12, 2011

Skyping with Maggie, James and Delia

We finally got to Skype with Maggie, James and Delia

They live in eastern USA and are home-schooled by their mother.

The theme for our session was favourite foods, and we discovered that there were lots of foods that children in both countries liked. 
Lots of B4 children have yummy food growing in their gardens, and we learned that it will soon be spring in America, and Maggie, James and Delia will plant their garden.

We also talked about our class mascots. 
We introduced Quicksilver but we couldn't meet their chimpanzee Rocket because he is on the way to Australia!

We did get to meet Speedy the parrot.

Our note-takers did a great job, and so did Nathan and Liam on the camera.

What do you like to grow in your garden?


  1. Miss Lologa and Room 6 Kilbirnie SchoolMarch 13, 2011 at 2:38 AM

    Kia Ora Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on our page. We are new to blogging this year and it's wonderful to see how amazing connecting with other classes through blogs is a great way to share learning as well learn from others.
    You have an fabulous blog! It would be awesome to skype your class one day soon to say hello and tell each other about our schools and places we live. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    From Miss Lologa and Room 6 Kilbirnie School, Wellington

  2. Room 6 Kilbirnie SchoolMarch 14, 2011 at 1:51 PM

    Dear Mrs McKenzie,

    We have just seen the clip that you told us about. We really enjoyed watching it. It will help us learn our vowel sounds well.

    Thanks again
    From Room 6 Kilbirnie School

  3. Woof, Woof B4, Quicksilver and Mrs McKenzie,
    I love gardening! My favourite food to dig up is lettuce because it makes the dirt go everywhere! Sometimes if I am really lucky I might find a bone too. :lol: I was wondering if you have any unusual plants growing in your gardens? Last year my class planted some broad beans so maybe they will plant some more soon.
    Bow, wow for now,
    Ruckus the Reading dog
    P.S - Could you please send me a picture of you all to go in my journal?

  4. Dear b4
    I like to read. It is cool but my favourite reading is read to someone. I like to read to Ganda. She is nice.

    from Paige

  5. I like to play and I like my friends and I like swimming and my
    sister likes to go swimming and my family too. I like 2km and 2kJ.
    My sisters are Natasha, Jael Grace. My mum likes me. I like to go running. My dad likes my mum. I like my tooth fairy.
    from Joberth.

  6. I like your bird.
    form Lily