Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cross-Checking Song

We've been using our Daily 5 strategy songs 
for our weekly poems.
This week's song is all about cross-checking as we read.

Cross-checking song 
(Tune: Do your Ears Hang Low?)

I am stuck on a word
but I know just what to do,
I will look at the letters
and then at the pictures too.
Does the word that I think it is
make a lot of sense?

This is called cross-check!


  1. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4

    I am so pleased that I have listened to your song. It is really going to help me teach cross-checking to my class, the Triple Ms. They are all year 2, and they are learning to use this strategy in their reading.

    Great singing!

    Thanks once again,
    Miss Revell and the Triple Ms

  2. Dear B4,

    What tremendous voices and such a fabulous message! Cross checking is a wonderful way to read. We often come across words that we might not know, especially in elementary school, and looking at the letters and the pictures are the keys!

    Sometimes we are reading in my third grade class and someone will say a word that does not make any sense. Hopefully, they notice and will self-correct. If you self-correct, it means you are listening to yourself. Good readers notice when a word or sentence doesn't make sense. When they notice it doesn't make sense, they stop and reread.

    Have you ever self-corrected?

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Atā Marie Mrs Kenzie and B4

    Thank you for your comment. We hope that you can do some paintings like us.

    Thank you for sharing your cross -checking song on your blog. We are going to learn it! We like using our Habits of Mind to help us with our painting. We were striving for accuracy to get it right and make our paintings look real. We had to hold our brushes at the bottom like a pencil.

    Perhaps we can meet on Skype sometime?

    Bye for now
    Miss Revell and Marvin's Mindful Monkeys (The Triple M's)