Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting on Together in Groups

We've started the year by exploring some ideas with 
Mrs Wistrand about getting on together 
in groups.

Groups we belong to:
(can you identify the kiwiana icons we used?)

having a choice or not having a choice:

how it look, sounds and feels to be in our B4 group:

and how to get on well together in a group:

What groups do you CHOOSE to be part of?
What do you think it takes for a group to work together successfully?

1 comment:

  1. Dear B4,
    I love all the thinking you are doing about being part of a group and how groups can work together successfully. Sometimes I like to work by myself, with a partner, or with a group. I find it depends on what I am doing. Which do you prefer? I think being a good listener and being able to compromise are two important group skills.

    I am a part of several different groups, but my favourite is the group that meets every Tuesday night to play volleyball. Do you have a favourite group activity?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W