Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crusaders Players visit Reefton

It's just three days into our new school year 
so it was an exciting early break in our programme when we had a visit from some Crusaders players.
The Crusaders are the Super Rugby team based in Canterbury and along with the Otago Highlanders team 
they are visiting the Coast 
to play a match this weekend.

Are you a rugby follower or is another sport your favourite?
Which team do you cheer for?


  1. Dear B4,
    Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. The grade 2/3s were excited to hear that your new year has started.

    What an excited day you had! I know that rugby is very popular where you live and so I imagine it was pretty thrilling to have the rugby players visit.

    I was also very interested in the team challenge on the video. How did you decide who would compete? Is everyone in the school divided up into house teams? What other sorts of challenges do you have?

    Seeing the helicopter take off must have been a great ending to your day. I have always wanted to ride in a helicopter. Have any of you ever given it a try before?

    Looking forward to getting to know the new B4s and learning with you all again this year!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W

    1. Dear Mrs Watson
      Thank you for the comment.
      Everyone in our school is in a house team, either Mawhera or Kawatiri, even the teachers are in the teams. Mrs McKenzie is in Mawhera.

      Yesterday the Year 8 and 9 students got to be in the challenges. We had fun watching.
      Today we have new house challenges - it is going to be a whole school relay as part of our Waitangi day celebrations.

      Eleven B4 students have been in helicopters!

      from your B4 friends.

  2. Welcome back B4!

    We hoped you enjoyed your summer holiday. I missed having summer around this time of the year because it is winter here in North Carolina.

    I watched your video of the Crusaders and it reminded me that I will be missing the super rugby this year.

    My favorite team would have to have to be the Hurricanes because I'm from Wellington.

    I look forward to seeing all the exciting things you will be doing this year in B4.

    Ka kite ano,
    Miss Lologa and New Town 2nd Grade Superstars

  3. Dear B4,

    How exciting! And, on top of that, how exciting to almost be back at school! We're really looking forward to having you back so we can get to know another B4 group!

    I hope everyone has enjoyed your summer so far. I can't wait to hear about some of the things you've done on your break!

    Mr. Avery

  4. Dear B4,

    Welcome back to school! Some of you will remember me. My name is Mrs Morris and I teach a class called 4KM and 4KJ with Miss Jordan. Last year our class was called 2KM and 2KJ but we have moved to grade four. We live in Victoria Australia.

    How exciting to have a visit from Rugby players. Everyone in grade four is looking forward to a special visit from the Geelong Cats in a few weeks. They are a AFL (Australian Rules Football) team.

    I can't wait to see what fabulous learning you get up to this year!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

    1. Dear Mrs Morris
      We like netball. Do you like netball and baksetball ? We like netball because they get lots of points. What do you like about netball?

      your blogging buddy P♩ige Jiaxuan and Elizabeth ♣


    2. Dear P♩ige Jiaxuan and Elizabeth,

      Many people in Australia love netball but I have never played. I haven't really played basketball either! I have to say, I'm not very good at ball sports!

      I know every time the NZ netball team plays the Australian netball team, it is a good game.

      It's fun to keep fit!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

  5. thank you for visiting our page and leaving a comment I liked how you got to play ripper rugby with the Crusaders. We watched the slideshow and laughed at some of the photographs.
    Deighton and Ryan, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

  6. Dear b4

    The Rugby players came to school in a helicopter.
    It was fun because the Crusaders won the game.

    from Jonathon.

  7. Dear b4
    We were so excited the Crusaders came to Reefton in a helicopter.
    It was fun and noisy.

    your blogging buddies
    Tyla and Louisa

  8. Dear B4
    My name is Neil and I'm Ian. We are a fan of rugby. Are you a fan of it?.

    your blogging buddy Neil and Ian.

  9. Dear b4
    We were really excited when the Crusaders came.
    We are rugby fans. The best part was when they played rugby with the Crusaders.

    from Ganda and Aleigha

  10. Dear b4
    My favourite sportes is rugby and cricket.
    when i was in India I saw the cricket and India win
    and I was excited.
    by your friend

  11. Dear B4 The Crusaders ware fun because they played a good game of rugby and the Crusaders are good at rugby. Do you like the Crusaders?

    by Mason and Nathan