Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flat Rosie's Visit

Flat Rosie is here for a week from Sydney, Australia.

She comes from the Year 2 class at Roseville College.
We were surprised to find out that all of the children at that school are girls!
Flat Rosie is traveling the world and even has her own blog.
The girls in 2T sent some wonderings for us to answer:

Now it is time for Flat Rosie to go home, as our 
two-week term break starts.

Read about our previous flat person project here.
(Click on the link and scroll down).
Have you read the story of Flat Stanley or done a flat person project?


  1. What a great way to use the internet to engage your students in learning.

    ~ Michael<><
    The Color of Sound

  2. Dear B4
    I really liked flat Rosie's visit.
    and I Like it how we get to keep the kwila.
    what did you like?

    From Mason.

  3. Hi B4,

    I am Annabelle from 2T in Sydney who sent you the Flat Rosie. We really enjoyed learning about your country. We also liked the interesting Kiwi's that you sent us.

    From Annabelle.

  4. Hi B4,

    My name is Danielle and I am from Roseville College, 2T. The Flat Rosie that you got was mine! I chose the colours and I coloured it in! When I went to New Zealand, I found a Kiwi nest on the top of my camper-van. I'm writing this comment with my two awesome peer support leaders. They're names are Tess and Alex. It took 2 days to make our Flat Rosies. I worked really hard on my Flat Rosie and I am glad that you liked her visit.

    Daring Danielle, Amazing Alex and Terrific Tess

  5. Hi B4,

    My name is Lily, from 2T at Roseville College from Australia. I am writing this with my Peer Support leaders, Laura and Liana. I enjoyed making Flat Rosie and I am glad that you liked her.
    What have you been doing with Flat Rosie and Koala?
    If you want to see more that we do, you can go to our blog, Year Two Can.
    Thank you! :D