Monday, September 24, 2012

Making Our Kites

Our Social Studies topic this term was 'Flying High in Asia'.
We used the context of kite festivals as a way of learning about some of the similarities and differences between a Chinese way of life and our lives in New Zealand.
We ended the topic by researching, planning 
and making our own kites.
Take a look!

This kite is a traditional Maori kite
The boys wove the flax themselves.They decided to not fly it, 
that it would just be a decorative kite.

The groups used Mr Salsich's Global Kite wiki to help them with their research. Thanks Mr Salsich

All of the groups used bamboo as part of their kite structure.

Other materials used were fabrics, string, pictures, plastic, and bubble wrap!

The kites even flew quite well. We had a lot of fun, plus we learned a lot about working together.

Have you ever made a kite? What shape was it? What materials did you use?


  1. Dear B4
    I made Manu taratahi with Tarris and Nathan and Neil.
    We made it out of bamboo and flax and string made of flax and pawa and fens.we shaed it for Asmbaly we hade a coase there were 3 kites to coaes from.Mason

    1. Do you make kites like dragon and diamonds and maori kites yes or no do you fly them ? Marcus

  2. Dear b4 I like the kite I like a kite is it
    fun to flli a kite?

    warm wishes from Jordan

    1. Dear b4.
      I made a diamond kite. It was fun but there was something wrong with the team leader. My groups names was colled Lukah and Aleigha and Marcus and me.
      We had so much fun.
      Do you like making kites I do? At my old school it was not like that. We just have Friday fun day. That is when you kind of when you get to do free time every minute or so.We like making kites it is very fun.

      from Zaria

    2. Dear Jordan

      yes it is fun to fly a kite

      from Tarris

  3. kia ora B4
    I am making a diamond kite.
    My group is Zaria Lukah and Marcus and Aleigha is ME.
    I like my group.
    To make a kite you will need to cut a diamond and then you need to get a piece of string and then you will need to get another piece of string with a circle, a little one.
    I have a question for you. What does a kite need when you fly it?

    from Aleigha

  4. Dear b4

    I made a dragon kite.
    My group is Louisa, Jordan and me. I love my group.
    To make a kite you need
    1 Some Bamboo,
    2 Cello-tape,
    3 A design.
    from Nikit♥

  5. Dear b4.
    I made a dragon kite with Lachy, Emily and me.
    We have finished our kite.
    Do many of you have kites? I have 2 kites.
    Do you have 2 kites.
    I like kites do you?
    My favourite kite is a dragon kite.
    I was the team leader. Emily is the decoration person. Lachy is the material person.

    your blogging buddy

    1. Dear Ivy.

      I like Kites to. I made a dragon Kite to. In my grop was Nikki,Jodin and me.
      I did had a Kite.
      Do you go to Greymouth?

      from Louisa

    2. Dear Ivy

      I made a diamond kite.
      We have finished our kite to.
      I do not have eney kites.
      I do not evin have kites.
      Have you ever made a kite by your own be for.
      I haveint thow.

      by Zaria.

  6. Dear B4
    I like macking Kite's.
    I news to have 2 kite's but the fist one's tail fall off.
    and Dylan newed my tail.
    and I lost the 2 one.
    Do you theik that kite flying is cool.


  7. Dear b4
    I like making kites. I have seen a real dragon kite. My group decided to make a dragon kite. I was the materials person. I liked being the materials person because it was fun .

    by Olivia

  8. Dear B4

    Guess what? I have my own blog please visit my blog and if you want to you please leave a comment.

    Heres the link to my blog:


  9. Dear b4
    I like the kites that we made. My fravit kit was the one that me and Mason and Tarris and Neil made.

    by Nathan

  10. Dear B4

    We really like the kites you have made! We would like to try to make our own. Thank you for your instructions.

    We have lots of questions about kite making, your blog and how you get your photos to move!

    Can we skype you next term?

    Miss P and Room 8

    1. Dear Miss Panther and Room 8
      We would love to skype with you next term. We think it would be fun. We think you will enjoy making kites. Our groups had a materials person, a decoration person and a team leader who was also the instruction person.

      Have a great holiday
      Mrs Mckenzie and B4

  11. Dear b4
    I like kites do you?
    I useto have a kite it was orange.
    Do you have a kite that is orange?
    My group is Jordan , Nikki and me.
    We made a dragon kite with Bamboo and bubble rap drawings and pitrsrer and decerraycon. Louisa was the decorrayter person Jordan was the dicarays and Nikki was term leader and incsorin person. It fley well.

    From Lukah and Louisa&heart;

  12. Dear B4,

    I loved seeing the amazing kites you all made! I have been making kites with my students for the past 5 years, and we always have a lot of fun doing it. We usually make them during our spring, which is in the months of April and May, when the winds are strong but warm. It is your spring now, right?

    I have always been interested in Maori kites and have been hoping that a class from NZ would build some, so thank you for making such beautiful manu tukutuku.

    Another group of students from NZ also made some Maori kites this year and added it to our Kites Around The World wiki at this page

    We looked at your post in class the other day, and my students were very interested in your kites, your uniforms, and your school. We are excited to get to know you better!

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mr. Salsich