Thursday, May 29, 2014

Autumn Poems

What is your favourite season of the year?


  1. Dear B4
    I like the autumn poems. The are filled with WOW wards! I like winter, because it sometimes snows. Snow is the best part of winter, because you can make snow mans and have snow ball fite.

  2. Your Autumn poetry is wonderful! We have some lovely big oak trees at our school and their leaves have been falling for a few weeks now. Mr Mike, our caretaker, spends ages sweeping them up in the morning. Some of us have jumped in the piles and thought it was lots of fun :)

    1. Dear E7
      I am glad you like our poems
      we would love it if you print our poems I would want my
      story to be a book.
      by Reagan

  3. Hello B4
    We have just read all of your super autumn poems, they are amazing. You have made a great job of painting a picture with words. We like the way you have described the way the leaves move and sound by comparing them to other things. We love your writing so much that we would like to know if we could print the poems out and put them in a book so that we can read them during our reading time?
    From your friends in Room 6 Clyde School

    1. Dear Room 6
      we would like you to print them in to a book so you can read our
      poems and I hope you engoy them.

      from Ashantay00

    2. Dear room 6.
      thank you for comment
      we all did a good job.

      have you ever made Autunm poems?

      bye for now Caleb.

    3. Dear Room 6
      It would be great if y☆u could print ♦ur poems.

      from Lily

  4. Dear B4
    I love your Autumn Poems.

    from Hazel