Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Taonga Puoro

Jerome visited our school and shared his 'taonga puoro' - singing treasures.

Jerome skillfully showed us how he is able to make music from 
percussive instruments such as rocks; 
wind instruments such as gourds, bones, putatara (shells) and wood; 

and whirling instruments.

He played music from a whale tooth. 
The tooth had been made into a nguru - nose flute.

Jerome used these carved instruments to tell the story of the casemoth:

Here is a compilation of the sounds of Jerome's instruments.
Singing Treasures at RAS from Judy McKenzie on Vimeo.

What was your favourite instrument?

For our visitors - What are some traditional musical treasures from your area?


  1. HI B4
    Niamh thought this video was pretty cool. She watched it during our reading rotation and wanted the class to watch it too. We thought that some of the instruments sounded so calming that we could have fallen asleep listening to them.
    How many instruments did he share? Which one was your favourite?
    From Room 6
    Clyde school

  2. Jerome enjoyed reading this post and hearing about another person called Jerome!
    We all were surprised at the musical instruments. We thought they sounded like animal noises.
    From E7, Eastern Hutt.

  3. Hi!!! I am a teacher frm India(gujarat) nd sm of our students along wid few teachrs are studing abt taonga puoro... Can u share more details about it.. How can i contact jerome for d same.. Any email id?

    1. Thank you for your visit. Jerome's website is