Thursday, May 22, 2014

Milk It!

In Science this term we are having fun learning about milk with Mrs Wistrand.
We tasted cow's milk, almond milk, soy milk and rice milk.
Some were nicer tasting than others!
We talked about the properties of each milk.
(The properties are the features or special qualities something has.)
Milk is a liquid. It can pour.

We heated milk to see what happens.
When we held a plate over the pan, water collected on the base of the plate - we think milk has water in it!

 There was no liquid left in the pan, just some solids. 

We added vinegar to milk, and the mixture separated into curds (curdled solids) and whey (the liquid in the milk).

We found out that milk can be changed into other products.
We made butter!

And then we made icecream!

Measure the milk, sugar and vanilla essence

Place in a snap-lock bag

Put ice and salt into a larger bag and put the milk bag inside it.





And shake


Do you drink milk?
What type of milk do you enjoy?

How many animals or plants can you think of that can 
provide milk?

Have you ever made ice-cream in a bag? 
What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?



  1. Dear b4
    I loved our butter it was yum.
    You will need a jar, some cream and shake and shake until its yellow.

    from Caleb.

  2. Dear B4
    I like our science that we are doing this term.
    Do you like science?

    from Lily

  3. What busy young scientists you all are!
    In E7 we have a couple of children that drink soy milk rather than cow's milk. I have tried almond and coconut milk which are nice alternatives too. At home we drink cow's milk.
    I love your experiments and am looking forward to sharing these with my class tomorrow :)
    Mrs Pescini, E7 Eastern Hutt School

    1. Dear Rm E7
      My favourite milk is cow's milk. What is your favourite milk?
      How many experiments have you done with milk?
      We have done icecream, butter and cream. How many children in your class have drunk coconut milk?

      from Jamie

  4. Hi
    Did you like the ice-cream

    From Anna and team truffula

  5. Dear Mrs Pescini
    Thank you for your comment.
    We liked doing the experiments because we got to drink or eat some of them!

    Have you ever made butter or ice-cream?

    goodbye for now

  6. Dear Miis M
    y♦u are the best t evere you look like my arto t

    from Ashantay

  7. Dear B4
    I like the butter an ice cream. I,m trying to get mum to make butter, but she said no. so I play minecraft, it,s cool.I don,t get to eat ice cream much.