Friday, May 27, 2011

Magnie is here!

Magnie the whale is visiting us from Burravoe School in the Shetlands, Scotland.
Magnie has been in New Zealand for awhile, 
visiting with the Super Scoopers in Dunedin, and with the Pirates of Rm 4 in Invercargill.
He will be on his way home soon, to get back 
before Burravoe School start their long summer break.

Magnie's been hanging out with our mascot, Quicksilver the Kea, and with Lovely, Nikki's little whale.
They are quite envious of Magnie's very cool knitted hat and badge!

Magnie came to assembly and was introduced to everyone in Year 1-8.

He shared some postcards and brochures that arrived with him.

What do you think we should show Magnie before he goes home?
SuperScoopers and Pirates, what was your favourite memory of Magnie's time at your schools?


  1. Dear B4,

    Wow, I am so jealous of Magnie's adventure around the world. It sounds like a fabulous trip!

    If I could go on a trip around the world, I would love to visit your class (and Quicksilver) in New Zealand and then head over to the USA to visit Panda, Mrs Yollis, Juan Pablo , Mr Salsich and Mr Avery.

    If only I could make myself flat like Flat Stanley so I could fit in an envelope!

    Have fun!

    Your mascot buddy,

  2. Dear B4

    Maggny came to vezit us.
    Maggny is a whale.

    your frend Ganda

  3. Hello Magnie and B4,

    Magnie, you are so lucky to be visiting so many great classes in New Zealand. We can only imagine all the fantastic things that you are getting to do.

    We can't wait to hear all that you, Quicksilver and Lovely get up to.

    from Gary and Croc
    Mrs W's class buddies @ Harston PS

  4. Dear B4.

    Magnie have's a map. and Lots of post card.

    From Ganda.

  5. Its good that Magnie is at your school! He always has a good holiday in other schools 8). I hope you blog about what his advenchurs are! I hope you can make a commeny on his wiki! We would love it if you do :)


    Burravoe Primary school

  6. Dear Mia
    We really like the post card that you sent to us. We have been nice to him and taking photos

    from Liam

  7. In the weekend I watched harrey potter and the dethly hallos part 1. We had chips and pizza the pizza was yum after harrey potter we played tag. by spike