Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The 'Real Art' roadshow and other events

We've had lots of cultural events in the past couple of weeks.
Check out our photos of:
Harold the Giraffe who came in his big truck for Life Ed;

a play called 'Patutupaiareherehe', which was 
on the story of 'Rumpelstiltskin';

and the concert band from Tauraroa Area School in the far north who entertained our whole school with a variety of items.

Lastly, we had a big truck arrive that turned into an art gallery, with fold-out walls!
We listened to some clues and searched for the right art work, and we got to talk about our favourite and least favourite art works.

The Real Art roadshow on PhotoPeach

What was your favourite event in the past week or two?
What did you learn from Harold?
For our blogging friends - does Harold the Giraffe visit your school?
Have you ever had class in a big truck?


  1. Yes Harold The Giraffe does visit our school. He came with his big house in Term 4 last year. We love seeing Harold and learning about how to be healthy. Harold came to our assembly as well.
    From Room 14 Richmond Primary School.

  2. Dear b4 we like the green shark and it was fun.
    by Stevie.

  3. Dear b4
    We liked the Art gallery. It was cool as! we liked the shark it was green.
    It was 100% funny. We got to a game it was fun as! We can not wait until the thing.

    by Paige

  4. Hi my name is Eyra im a boy and im from Carlton School Wanganui. I like that you have Harold the giraffe at your school. We hardly ever have him here at our school. How many times do you have him at your school?

  5. Dear B4,

    It sounds like you've been busy! All of it sounds really fun though!

    We've never had Harold or a big truck visit our school. I think I would love for the art one to visit. I've always loved art and think it's pretty amazing that it turned into an art gallery.

    Thanks for always sharing all the wonderful things you're doing at school!

    Your friend,
    Mr. Avery

  6. Dear B4,

    I like the real art because it was cool! and we can have a pencil or tattoo w/o costing us money.

    By Ganda

  7. Hello B4,
    You really have been busy. Have you had time for maths and daily 5 in the past couple of weeks?

    I love having Harold visit. Did you know that he comes to schools in Australia too? He always has such important messages to tell us on how to look after ourselves to keep us healthy and safe.

    A number of years ago, we had a semi-trailer truck come to our school. It wasn't an art truck, it was a truck who taught us about truck safety.

    I look forward to hearing what you get up to in the next couple of weeks.

    Mrs W @ Harston Primary

  8. Dear Eyra
    Thank you for your great comment.
    Harold comes to visit us every one or two years.
    We hope he comes back to your school soon!

    from B4

  9. Dear Mrs W
    We have been busy and we've had to miss maths a couple of times, but we try not to miss out on Daily 5.

    it is amazing that Harold gets to go to so many schools. We think he is so popular because he is such a caring friend.

    from B4

  10. Dear B4.

    My favirit avanter is... Harold because we lirn with Harold. and The real art because some was... funny.

    from Ganda.