Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Third Message from the Alien

Last week some 'space junk' landed in our school yard.
Then we received two messages from an alien who had crashed his ship on Earth and was now on the moon 
trying to get home.
Now we have a third message!

What do you know about our planet?
What do WE need to survive on Earth?


  1. Dear B4,

    We think it is very strange that you keep getting messages from the alien. We thought that that the second message was the strangest because it told you about it self like when it said "I can run fast" And "I can see well."

    Somethings we need on our planet are food, water, shelter, trees, oxygen, the sun, rain, the wind, and winter clothing. We need the sun because if we didn't have sun then plants wouldn't grow and they give us food the sun also gives heat. We need wind to cool us off. We also need rain because it helps plants grow and if we didn't have it the earth would be a dessert.

    Alexandra and Maggie in Mr .Salsich's class :)

  2. Dear Alexandra and Maggie
    Wow, thank you for your helpful comment!
    I feel sorry for the alien, stuck on the moon and wanting to get to its own home. Perhaps it needs some help to find his way?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  3. Dear, B4,

    This is scary! I'm glad to know that the alien is not real! When I was is preschool we heard something in the school yard,we went out side thinking that we would see something, but we did not. The teacher said that the noise was probably coming from the back of the school. So we went to the back of the school. We saw a piece of metal and a big piece of wood that was not there before!

    From, Oceana
    in Mrs. Watson's 2/3 class

  4. It sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=0

  5. Hey JiaJia
    We miss you! Hope you are doing well at school, working hard and making new friends.

    Our solar system work is fun. What do you know about the planets?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  6. At school we are learning about length,cm and grams

    The food in the canteen is yum:) every day I have chicken rice.

    I have made about 19 or 18 friends.

    can you tell one of the students in b4 to tell b3 I said HI :d

  7. Hi again JiaJia
    I'm glad you have new friends.
    Do you use English or Chinese at school?

    Does your class have a blog or use the internet?

    I told Mrs Webb this morning that you had left us a comment, and the kids in B3 say hi back to you.

    from Mrs McKenzie