Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Strange Occurrence .....

There was a strange noise at the back of the Reading Recovery room this afternoon.
Mrs McKenzie raced over and got B5 and their teacher,
and some of those children ran and got B4 and B3.
We rushed out and saw a pile of unusual looking debris, 
some mysterious rocks and fabric, and even a little pile of burnt stuff.

It was all very puzzling!

Strange Debris on PhotoPeach

Back in class with Miss Marquet we talked about what we had seen and where the debris might have come from.

Then, even more strange, a message appeared on our computer! We had to listen hard because the voice was very unfamiliar!
Luckily Mrs McKenzie was able to save it to a Vocaroo.

Do you know what the message says?
What do you think happened?
Did any strange debris land anywhere else?


  1. Dear B4
    I think that a UFO came from out of space, crashed and pieces fell down from it.

    by Liam and Alex

  2. Dear B4
    How unusal and strange!!!
    Perhaps the items fell from an aliens home in space?
    Tia and 3/4G ;)

  3. Dear B4

    WOW!! What a collection you have of debris.What are you going to do with all this junk? The Earth egg looks AMAZING!!!What interesting things you found on school grounds.
    What were your favourite things you saw?

    From Fareena

  4. Dear B4

    The rubbish and things you found looked very interesting. I wonder what you are going to do with all the junk? Maybe you and your students can study the things you found and where they might have came from.

    From Molly Melbourne,Australia

  5. Hi B4

    I liked your song because it cool and awesome.

    From Joseph

  6. Dear B4

    I see you are having great fun on your blog. I like your earth eggs. I know it would be fun making earth eggs

    3/4G is hoping to hear back from you all.

    From Shravan and 3/4G

  7. Dear 3/4G
    Thank you all for your great comments.
    Our imaginations have been working overtime to work out all of the puzzling things that have happened this week.
    Keep watching to find out what happens next week!

    from Mrs McKenzie

  8. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,
    Wow! What an exciting afternoon you had! I am excited and I didn't even get to be there. I absolutely love a good mystery. You must have had so much fun trying to put all the clues together.

    I have to admit that I had a very hard time understanding the mysterious recording that was left on your computer. I will have to let the 2/3's take a listen tomorrow and see what they think the voice is saying.

    I can't wait to read more!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. W

  9. Dear B4,

    We have listened to the strange message several times. This is what some of us think it might say:

    "Crashed ship on earth. Stuck on moon. Need information." - Hope

    "Crashed ship on Earth. Alarmed. Crashed ship on Earth. Stuck on moon. ... Need information." - Derek

    "Crashed ship on Earth. Invade. Crashed ship on Earth. Lost information." - Alison

    "Lost communication." - Autumn

    "Crashed ship on Earth. Stuck on moon. Lost communication." - Taylor

    We are curious to find out what this strange occurrence is all about. Some of us thought the voice was a little spooky, but we are all interested to learn more.

    Mr. Salsich's class

  10. Hello B4's and Mrs Watson!
    We will also be checking this out today to try to figure out what this is saying. I don't know what it says, but maybe my Grade 1's will be more successful at it!
    Mrs Soltau-Heller

  11. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,

    You certainly have a mystery on your hands! I think it’s time to give your inquiry skills a workout. Find your magnifying glasses and put on your detective hat! I can’t wait to read your conclusions.

    Best of luck to you all!
    Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

  12. Dear B4 and Mrs Mackenzie,
    We looked at your pictures and listened to the message. The voice scared some of us. We couldn't decide what it was. We thought maybe it was
    1. an alien
    2. a giant spider that talks like a raccoon
    3. a raccoon
    4. a transformer
    5. a robot named Rob
    We hope you find out what it was. We will check back to your blog to find out. It is quite a mystery.
    Mrs SH and Gr1

  13. Dear Mrs. Mckenzie and class,

    I got really really scared from this I thought it was real, but it was awesome. Was the stuff outside really burned?

    Your friend
    In Mrs. Watson's 23 class

  14. Dear B4,
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa help help help I'm just kidding I know it's not real or is it?
    So did you have fun trying to find the Alien? I think it would be fun!

    From Silkence (in Mrs. Watson's 2/3 class.)

  15. Dear Mrs McKenzie,
    The message is mysterious maybe it is a cutout message but I'm sure your aliens are not real but sometimes it is fun to pretend.
    Oh I have got to go.
    your pal,

  16. Dear Silkence
    At least the alien is not real because they are not true.

    from Tyla

  17. There was strange stuff behind the reading reccovery.
    At least it wasun't real because it gave me a fright.

    By Ganda.